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Kanchana 2 Review

The film begins with a couple visiting a friend’s home for dinner. To their surprise, the hosts are not home and the place is haunted. In the present, Raghava (Raghava Lawrence) is a cameraman for the channel Green TV where his girlfriend Nandini (Tapsee Pannu) also works. When Green TV drops down to second position in the ratings, Nandini advises to shoot a horror program to bring their channel back to the first position. After the board members agree on this plan, Nandini decides on a location with a house with an intense haunted look, without knowing the fact that it is actually haunted. She sets out with Raghava, his watchman Mayil (Mayilsamy), Dr. Prasad (Sriman) and the anchor Pooja (Pooja Ramachandran) to complete the task. While shooting on a nearby beach, Nandini discovers a Thali, and after the discovery, mysterious events start taking place. So, Nandini decides to visit a priest. The priest discovers that the Thali is actually haunted, lets Nandini out of his room and returns the Thali to the spirit. But Nandini doesn’t seem to believe it and the priest challenges her to check the place where she had taken it from. After Nandini and Pooja disturb the Thali for a second time, it doesn’t leave them. She rushes to the priest and he helps her. As instructed by him, she prepares a coffin and a groomed woman’s corpse which has the Thali. They move to a distance and shoot to see that the coffin literally breaks open and the dead woman is dragged by the ghost. All the members run away out of fear and Raghava collapses. The priest who helps Nandini is also killed by the ghost. Nandini tries to wake Raghava up but is too late as she gets possessed by the ghost of Ganga. Raghava and Nandini move into another house where the haunted Nandini is planning something and to their surprise Raghava’s mother and Nandini’s sister-in-law also come to stay there. Several changes occur in Nandini which only Raghava notices at first; she starts smoking at night and even physically assaults Raghava. Soon, all realize that she is possessed. Nandini (Now possessed as Ganga), influences Shiva’s ghost to be sent into Raghava. When Raghava’s mother and Nandini’s sister-in-law return, they are beaten up, run to a church and learn about Shiva (also Raghava Lawrence) and Ganga (Nithya Menen). Ganga is a handicap but Shiva loves her very much. But Marudhu (Jayaprakash) killed and buried them when Ganga refused to marry his insane son Shankar. Before dying, however, Shiva has killed Shankar. When Raghava (possessed as Shiva) kills Marudhu’s henchman, he comes to know that a spirit killed him. He gets a tantric and revives his dead son to kill Shiva and Ganga. Shiva battles Shankar and eventually defeats him. Ganga takes her revenge by killing Marudhu. Shiva returns Raghava safely to his family and promises to come back whenever they needed him; the story of Shiva and Ganga restores Green TV to the first position.

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